Clickable and Photo-Erasable Surface Functionalities by Using Vapor-Deposited Polymer Coatings

Zhen-Yu Guan, Chih-Yu Wu, Ting-Yo Chen, Sheng-Tung Huang, Yu-Chih Chiang, Hsien-Yeh Ch...


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A prospective design for interface properties is enabled to perform precise functionalization, erasure capability for existing properties, reactivation of surface functionality to a second divergent property. A vapor-deposited, 2-nitro-5-(prop-2-yn-1-yloxy)methylbenzyl carbamate-functionalized poly-para-xylylene coating is synthesized in this study to realize such tasks by offering the accessibility of the azide/alkyne click reaction, an integrated photochemical decomposition/cleavage moiety, and the reactivation sites of amines behind the cleavage that allow the installation of a second surface function. With the benefits from the mild processing conditions used for the coatings and the rapid response of the photochemical reaction, the creation of sophisticated interface properties and localized chemical compositions was elegantly demonstrated with a hybrid functionality including a confined hydrophlic/hydrophobic wetting property and/or a cell adherent/repellent platform on such a coating surface.

KEYWORDS : click chemistry 、photochemical cleavage、surface modification、erasable