Multifunctional and Continuous Gradients of Biointerfaces Based on Dual Reverse Click Reactions,

Zhen-Yu Guan, Chih-Yu Wu, Jyun-Ting Wu, Ching-Heng Tai, Jiashing Yu, Hsien-Yeh Chen* “...


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Chemical or biological gradients that are composed of multifunctional and/or multidirectional guidance cues are of fundamental importance for prospective biomaterials and biointerfaces. As a proof of concept, a general modification approach for generating multifunctional and continuous gradients was realized via two controlled and reversed click reactions, namely, thermo-activated thiol–yne and copper-free alkyne and azide click reactions. The cell adhesion property of fibroblasts was guided in a gradient with an enhancement, showing that the PEG molecule and RGD peptide were countercurrently immobilized to form such reversed gradients (with negating of the cell adhesion property). Using the gradient modification protocol to also create countercurrent distributions of FGF-2 and BMP-2 gradients, the demonstration of not only multifunctional but also gradient biointerfacial properties was resolved in time latencies on one surface by showing the manipulation in gradients toward proliferation and osteogenic differentiation for adipose-derived stem cells.

KEYWORDS: gradient、multifunctional interface、click reaction、cell proliferation、osteogenesis