Vapor Sublimation and Deposition to Build Porous Particles and Composites

Hsing-Ying Tung, Zhen-Yu Guan, Ting-Yu Liu, Hsien-Yeh Chen* “Vapor Sublimation and Dep...


The vapor deposition of polymers on regular stationary substrates is widely known to form uniform thin films. Here we report porous polymer particles with sizes controllable down to the nanometer scale can be produced using a fabrication process based on chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on a dynamic substrate, i.e., sublimating ice particles. The results indicate that the vapor deposition of a polymer is directed by the sublimation process; instead of forming a thin film polymer, the deposited polymers replicated the size and shape of the ice particle. Defined size and porosity of the polymer particles are controllable with respect to varying the processing time. Extendable applications are shown to install multiple functional sites on the particles in one step and to localize metals/oxides forming composite particles. In addition, one fabrication cycle requires approximately 60 min to complete, and potential scaling up the production of the porous particles is manageable.