Synthesis of Pigmented Parylene Coatings and Control of the Chromatism Based on Chemical Vapor Deposition Copolymerization

Ting-Ying Wu, Yu-Chih Chiang, Jia-Rong Jhang, Zhen-Yu Guan, Chih-Hao Chiu, Sheng-Tung ...


Coloring and identification procedures for medical devices are important to reduce the risks of defective medical devices or incorrect operations and implantations. The study herein reports a novel platform of color pigment-modified Parylene coatings to fulfill the needs of medical coatings, providing a surface modification route to alter the important property of color for an underneath material and/or device from its original color. Modification with a naphthalimide derivative is employed for the Parylene precursor. The synthesis of the final color Parylene coating is performed based on a vapor-phase deposition polymerization process, and the coating is conformally coated on a variety of materials regardless of the shape or dimension. Furthermore, control of the color to create a series of color-changing Parylene coatings is enabled by vapor deposition copolymerization with a second Parylene derivative source, and predictable color tuning from a primary to a secondary and/or tertiary color is achievable in the experiments and shows accordance with color theory. The reported coating platform represents a colored coating tool and is biocompatible for biotechnological applications

KEYWORDS: color identification, chromatism, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), Parylene, medical coating